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Rugby Legend In The PINK.

Olivier Azam, ex Gloucester Rugby Hooker and current Forwards Coach at Toulon, showed his compassion (and his mettle) when he agreed to be photographed in Blossom, to help me to promote the Pink Car Rally.  The first photographic attempt was a disaster – I drove to Cheltenham in torrential rain, hoping for a few rays of sunshine…. but it wasn’t to be!  To quote Olivier, it was “orrible” (you’ll have to imagine the French accent – sorry) but to my surprise (and great relief) he offered to try again the next day!  It was raining again, when we set off to Cheltenham for the 2nd attempt, but then the most amazing thing happened – just as I drove into Montpellier (Cheltenham, not France!!) the rain stopped!  I drove down Rotunda Terrace and lo and behold, there was a perfect parking place, directly outside Armagnac, Olivier’s Restaurant!  How exciting!! I quickly took Blossom’s top down, before the weather had time to change its mind!

I was very impressed that Olivier didn’t show any signs of embarrassment, when he squeezed into the car – he is a big strapping man and Blossom is a little on the ‘petite’ side, in fact as you can see from the photograph,

he looked completely at home in it! I did have a nagging worry, whilst the wonderful Pauline (my friendly photographer) clicked away, that getting him OUT of the car may prove slightly more difficult than getting him in…. but his years of fearsome flexibility in the field had obviously paid off, as he skilfully wriggled out of the car.  Out of shot, was his adorable son Thomas, who did not look quite so pleased to be in a ‘PINK’ car, but he still managed to produce a few cheeky grins, which were captured expertly by Pauline.

I tweeted the photo (@saligray) and it has been RT’d a few times (not as many as I had hoped for) but some friendly county rivalry seems to be taking place, with Herefordshire’s @Luctonians tweeting “maybe ok in Glos but here in Herefs, men are men ;o)” How naughty is that?!  Needless to say, I just had to respond with “@OliArmagnac is ALL man & Pink ladies fall at his feet”  Long may the banter continue – it all helps to  raise awareness of the Pink Car Rally and the Little Princess Trust charity.  Do join in with our twitter-banter – especially if you’re a Cherry & White supporter!


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Hello world!

Hello Everyone,

I’ve finally bitten the bullet and am now in the process of creating this Blog. Any hints & tips and feedback would be gratefully received! I would like to write in PINK ink… but at the time of writing, it’s boring black with an unattractive font! #somuchstilltolearn

Nevertheless – it’s fit for purpose and its purpose is to keep everyone updated with the planning progress of the annual Pink Car Rally.  If you have stumbled upon this Blog and have not previously heard about the Rally, it’s basically a Pink Procession which snakes its way across the beautiful UK countryside, raising awareness of (and funds for) the Little Princess Trust, a charity which gives ‘real hair’ wigs to children (aged 2-18) who have lost their hair, primarily through cancer treatments.

This year, we Pinkies are aiming to raise a collective £10,000 for the charity, through the Pink Car Rally and the Special Pink Raffle (which I officially launched today!)

To anyone planning to participate in some, or all, of the 2012 John O’Groats to Land’s End Pink Car Rally (14th to 19th August) please can you send your Entry Forms to me asap? I need to order T.shirts and Goody Bags, but to do so I really need to know numbers and sizes!! Entry forms can be downloaded from the website

If you would like to help with the Rally, the thing I MOST need is publicity, please.  If you’re on Facebook, please share our page if you’re on Twitter, please follow @pinkcarrally and @saligray, tweet about the Rally, and RT out tweets.  If you’re participating in the Rally, please tell your local radio station, newspaper, magazine etc. If you have a Pink Car, you could approach businesses for Sponsorship – for example, you could invite them to pay for your fuel, in exchange for them placing magnetic advertising signs on your vehicle.  If you don’t have a Pink Car, perhaps you could find a company prepared to pay to have a ‘pink wrap’ put on your car, again in exchange for advertising.  The possibilities are endless!

Alternatively, if you can’t get the time off work (boo hiss) but would like to help in some way, you could sell Special Pink Raffle Tickets, through our JustGiving link.  Just share it via email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and within your workplace.  (Intranet would be perfect).   1st Prize is a ‘Couture Cut’ by Celebrity Hairdresser Lee Stafford, plus a Goody Bag of his products! Tickets are just £1 each and every penny will go to the Little Princess Trust.

Thanks for taking the time to read this Blog…. if you like it, don’t miss the next one 😉

Sali x

PS Just found the Pink Ink 🙂

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