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It could only happen to me!  Honestly!  Ask any of my friends and they will tell you the same thing….

So, after the excitement of posting a FAB photo of Olivier Azam in Blossom, last night I attended an event at the ‘hallowed ground’ of Kingsholm – well, sadly I wasn’t actually ON the hallowed ground!  It was a lovely opportunity to network with others and to find out about the 1873 Club.  The new Director of Rugby, Nigel Davies, gave an inspirational address and whilst listening to him, I tried to deduce ‘exactly’ where his accent was from.  It sounded very familiar…. and I decided that he must be from the area where I grew up and so I mentioned this in an email which I sent to my cousin this morning.  To my surprise, not only was I correct, but she and her husband know him!  We do live in a very small world…..

So far, so good!  I now have a photo of Olivier in my car and a possible connection to Nigel himself…. So when I left the house at mid-day, to go to a meeting, I was feeling pretty pleased with the way things were going…..

After the meeting, I popped into a local store to buy some fizzy water (yes honestly! This girl lives a clean life!) and parked Blossom away from the other cars, to avoid ‘paintwork pings’ from inconsiderate drivers (does that happen to you too?).  Pushing my overfull trolley towards my car – or should I say… fighting to keep my overloaded trolley under control – I noticed that a rather large vehicle had parked next to me!  I felt rather frustrated that Blossom’s magnetism had struck once again, until I got closer and any frustration completely evaporated, as I read the words ‘Raging Bull’ on the bodywork. I have lived in Gloucester long enough to know that Raging Bull is Phil Vickery’s (retired Gloucester Rugby legend) company!  I slowly loaded the water into my car – partly because it was sooooo heavy and partly because I wanted to find out who was driving the beast, which Blossom seemed to have taken a liking to!

I returned my trolley (see I AM a good girl!) and when I turned back toward my car, someone was getting into the Raging Bull Mitsubishi.  I casually SPRINTED back to my car, in my high heeled boots and tried to smile calmly as I came face to face with….. the man himself!  I smiled, opened my mouth and gabbled away (eeek) finally saying “So please may I take your photo? It would be great to get both of the cars in too!” He kindly agreed, although I think out of sympathy for this mad-woman, rather than for any other reason – poor guy.

So – it’s all still good at this point!  But I have a problem – my very, very old Nokia phone does take photos, but I have no idea how to transfer them from my camera, to my computer.  In my car, I have my iPad – which I’m still getting to grips with!  But…. I know it has a camera! So, I merrily say “I’ll just get my iPad” and out comes my pretty pink and white spotted underutilised piece of modern technology…. and out came the sun!  I couldn’t see anything on the screen. I didn’t want to delay Phil, so I’m jigging around, trying to cast a shadow over the screen and finally, I can see him! “ 123 smile”, I call, manically!  Hahahaha – “Ok, let’s take one the other way round”, I say, professionally. I’m so pleased.  Two more FAB photos to tweet….. Phil retreats warily and I rush home – I can’t remember when I was last this excited (I know…..) I open the iPad immediately, I can’t wait to tweet these photos….. ummmmm…. where are the photos?  I check, I double check, I triple check – no photos! I don’t understand! I decide to take a photo of something in my kitchen.  123 click – the screen image vanishes and is replaced by the desktop screen! There was no ‘click’, no ‘shutter sound’….  I have learnt two things today…. Firstly, the little round button, on my iPad, doesn’t take photos! It takes me out of the programme I am in.  Secondly, I am a Plonker 😦

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Rugby Legend In The PINK.

Olivier Azam, ex Gloucester Rugby Hooker and current Forwards Coach at Toulon, showed his compassion (and his mettle) when he agreed to be photographed in Blossom, to help me to promote the Pink Car Rally.  The first photographic attempt was a disaster – I drove to Cheltenham in torrential rain, hoping for a few rays of sunshine…. but it wasn’t to be!  To quote Olivier, it was “orrible” (you’ll have to imagine the French accent – sorry) but to my surprise (and great relief) he offered to try again the next day!  It was raining again, when we set off to Cheltenham for the 2nd attempt, but then the most amazing thing happened – just as I drove into Montpellier (Cheltenham, not France!!) the rain stopped!  I drove down Rotunda Terrace and lo and behold, there was a perfect parking place, directly outside Armagnac, Olivier’s Restaurant!  How exciting!! I quickly took Blossom’s top down, before the weather had time to change its mind!

I was very impressed that Olivier didn’t show any signs of embarrassment, when he squeezed into the car – he is a big strapping man and Blossom is a little on the ‘petite’ side, in fact as you can see from the photograph,

he looked completely at home in it! I did have a nagging worry, whilst the wonderful Pauline (my friendly photographer) clicked away, that getting him OUT of the car may prove slightly more difficult than getting him in…. but his years of fearsome flexibility in the field had obviously paid off, as he skilfully wriggled out of the car.  Out of shot, was his adorable son Thomas, who did not look quite so pleased to be in a ‘PINK’ car, but he still managed to produce a few cheeky grins, which were captured expertly by Pauline.

I tweeted the photo (@saligray) and it has been RT’d a few times (not as many as I had hoped for) but some friendly county rivalry seems to be taking place, with Herefordshire’s @Luctonians tweeting “maybe ok in Glos but here in Herefs, men are men ;o)” How naughty is that?!  Needless to say, I just had to respond with “@OliArmagnac is ALL man & Pink ladies fall at his feet”  Long may the banter continue – it all helps to  raise awareness of the Pink Car Rally and the Little Princess Trust charity.  Do join in with our twitter-banter – especially if you’re a Cherry & White supporter!

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